D & A Credit Repair Services

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There are many commonly asked questions and sometimes those that inquire want to hear something in particular so this page will cover just about every situation. Please have an open mind and a sense of humor when working with us. Live a little since you only live once!

Question: So what exactly do you do?
The answer that you want to hear: We give you A1 credit in 24-48 hours. Our A1 credit score comes with 2 rainbows and a unicorn.
The answer that you will actually hear: We work with consumers to dispute and remove negative items off of your credit reports so that you can build and restore your credit.

Question: How long does the process take?
The answer you want to hear: If you sign up right now (it's 10:42pm) you will be looking at a perfect score by 9am eastern standard time.
The answer you will actually hear: The process to repair and restore your credit takes time. Depending on the method used you can see deletions in as little as 1 week. This is not the case for every account or all cases. On average the complete time it takes to permanently restore credit is 6-9 months. The first phase is to remove the negative accounts which can take 30-60 days. After that you will have to work on gaining and maintaining credit. Your score cannot go up if there are no open and revolving accounts. I dont care what someone else thirsty for your money tells you. I have been in this business a little over 6 years in counting and I have never seen a score increase with only negative or no open accounts it is impossible.

Question: How much do you charge?
The answer you want to hear: We dont charge anything its absolutely free. We just want to help you get back on track. -OR- We charge $100 to get started and $50 a month for 3 months and you will have A1 credit.
The answer you will actually hear: It depends on what contract you choose to sign up for. We have a 30 day, 3 month, 6 month, 9 month and 1 year contract available. Which one you choose is up to you and what you can afford. Most clients will need to sign up for the 6 month contract because that is the general time it takes to get you on track. However if you are in the midst of buying a car or a home and your banker tells you that you need to remove specific items from your credit file- depending on what those items are you can do a 30 day or 3 month contract. If you have only negative items on your credit and will need help obtaining credit after the garbage is taken out then a 9month- 1 year contract is feasible. This is a business and although we treat our clients like close friends or family this is how we earn a living and if we dont charge you then we dont have much of a business now do we? We understand that times are hard  and that there are other companies that charge less. You are more than welcome to work on your credit yourself for free or pay those other companies. We get so many inquiries of people who want our top notch services for pennies and decide to try to fix their credit themselves or work with a more reputable company... and a few months to a year later we get them as a client because they find out the hard way that cheap and free is not always better.

Question: Should I just file bankruptcy?
The answer you want to hear: Yes sure because once you file for bankruptcy you will be debt free with a perfect score.
The answer you will actually hear: We dont advise you to file but if you insist or feel that it is best for your NOW then by all means go ahead. But take into consideration that we have a lot of clients who have filed bankruptcy and then come to us to get the bankruptcy taken off of their credit because they cannot obtain anything in their name because of the bankruptcy. What bankruptcy says to lenders is " I bit off more than I can chew and was a liability to a lot of other lenders when I filed bankruptcy... I am a huge risk factor in other words so you may not depend on me to pay back what I owe.

Question: What will my score be once you finish doing what you are doing?
The answer you want to hear: You should be looking at at least a 750 credit score across the board.
The answer you will actually hear: I cannot say exactly because there are so many different things that factor into your credit score so the specific outcome cannot be factored manually. We can give you an educated guess based on prior results in similar situations but it is unethical for us to give that sort of guarantee.

Question: Can you start mine and I pay you when I see the results?
The answer you want to hear: Sure no problem lets get you started.
The answer you will actually hear: No. In this business once the results are obtained we cannot reverse them in the event that you do not pay us back. There is no way for us to ensure that you pay us upon receipt of results. We are faced with clients more often then not that sign up for a contract and then choose not to pay as agreed which is the primary reason that their credit was so poor and they came to us in the first place. But in business as in any business we had to live and learn so now the contracts that we have in place along with the legal team we work with ensures that our services rendered will not go unpaid. However we do understand that life happens so we try to work with our clients when it comes to monthly payments and their due dates but some people are just dishonest and untrustworthy individuals and we allow our legal team to deal with them so that we may focus on the clients that keep their ends of the deal.

Question: Do I have to come to you to sign up?
The answer you want to hear: No we can get you started over the computer...
The answer you will actually hear: No we can get you started over the computer ( I know you were expecting the opposite right? No sometimes what you want to hear and what we will say are one in the same)

We are a legit business. We are licensed, bonded and insured to work in all 51 states. But we are human beings and we just ask that in any event you respect us as you would want to be respected. We are truly nice people but we do not mix business with pleasure. Meaning if we build a "friendship" please do not think that you will be given a pass to not pay or receive any free services. We do have special promotions throughout the year where we do give freebies and deals but that is not an everyday occurrence. When signing up for our services please keep in mind that you have other bills to pay, there may be a sudden illness or death in the family (God forbid), there may be some sort of emergency that requires funds... with all this in mind we expect you to pay your balances when they are due within the given grace periods unless other wise agreed with ADVANCE notice of course.